17 Apr


        The Guinness factory is a central feature one thinks about when they think about Ireland. Why? How did the factory contribute to Ireland? During the self-guided tour one finds out how the Guinness factory became to have so much success. They would learn about how the ingredients were found and how they perfected the recipe made to make the beer that is now such as trademark of Ireland. Aside from all that one learns the contributions the Guinness family made to Dublin and the Irish people.

      The long term assistances dates all the way back to 1725-1803 (“Archive fact sheet:,” ). Arthur Guinness the first aside from achieving a great deal in brewery had also donated 250 guineas to the Chapel Schools of St. Patrick’s (“Archive fact sheet:,” ). This was just the start to the charitable donations the Guinness family would make to St. Patricks church. Down the family line the Guinness clan has done a substantial amount of services to aid Dublin. Such as the 150,000 euro donation Benjamin Lee Guinness had given to restore the St. Patricks cathedral (“Archive fact sheet:,” ).  Why does the family have so much loyalty to this church? Maybe he just wanted to clean Dublin up and help in any way he could.

          Edward Cecil Guinness helped provide homes for the poor and created the Iveagh Market which included a Hostel that is said to house up to 500 homeless men (“Archive fact sheet:,” ). He had also donated 50,ooo euro  that was distributed among the hospitals in Dublin (“Archive fact sheet:,” ). Arthur Edward Guinness was responsible for the restoration of marsh’s library (“Archive fact sheet:,” ). He had also landscaped St. Stephens green and gave it as a gift to the public (“Archive fact sheet:,” ).  Rupert Edward Guinness made donations to Trinity College Dublin (“Archive fact sheet:,” ). This family had a deep sense of community. They seem to have wanted to help make Dublin the best it could be. They view they all seem to have shared is if they had happy staff the result would be the employees coming to work day after day ready and happy to put their all in producing a great product. And if they have successfully pleased the community then they have reached their consumers on a personally level which as a result make them customers for life. Aside from the abundant amount of charitable contributions the Guinness family made for Ireland they were also great business men who knew how to reach their target audience.



Archive fact sheet: Guinness family achievements. (n.d.). Retrieved from



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