Street-wise, performance-rich

16 Apr

Any weekend on the calendar, visitors to Dublin’s inimitable Grafton Street (Sraid Grafton) will experience a show with their typical shopping routine. From human statues to singer-songwriters to magicians, street performers canvas Grafton Street and other major street venues around the Irish capital. 

Buskers from near and far come to Dublin on weekends or holidays in order to find the largest crowds for their shows and talents, whether they be an experienced hip hop dancer or a humble duo of college-age singers.

This year, to capitalise on the success of 2012, Dublin will host the Laya Healthcare Street Performance World Championship, an event which promotors say “scours the globe to bring the best international street performers to Ireland to compete for the world champion title.”

The free competition was held for the first time last year in both Cork and Dublin and attracted nearly 240,000 onlookers to the sites, which inspired organizers to bring it back for 2013.

This year’s competition, held in Dublin’s Merrion Square from 12th-14th July, promises to capture its thrill component, with jugglers, acrobats and sword swallowers from Ireland to India. 



For a video of street performers from this past Sunday, feel free to access this video at

Many of the street performers I’ve seen have always accepted money for their craft, but I feel that few of them need the coins. The passion and dedication that they put in to not only learn their talent, but to sacrifice their weekends for the pleasure of others, speaks volumes and exudes a talent which needs no payment to make it valuable.

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