15 Apr

As I sit back and reflect on my time abroad, I know one thing is for sure: I have changed. My whole outlook on life is different from what it was on January 8th, 2013. I am not the same person I was when I walked off the plane many months ago. There are things about my time abroad that I have not fully enjoyed, like having to turn the hot water on an hour before I want to shower or paying six euros to do a load of laundry. Even though there are those few things that I didn’t love, I have a new found respect for living back home. In my opinion that is a benefit in itself. Besides the few little things, I have enjoyed my time abroad. The study abroad experience is different from just traveling to a place; you really get to be immersed in the culture.  One of my favourite things about Ireland is the people and the culture. I have met some of the greatest people here and some friends that will be life-long. I have no doubt in my mind that I will be back here again one day. I have seen and experienced things that I had only dreamed about. The Northern Ireland trip was one of the greatest weekends of my whole time abroad. I learned so much during that trip and was able to see the beautiful countryside as well as the stunning coastline. That trip was when I fell in love with this small island. My traveling is not over yet, thank goodness! I will be traveling to Malta, Sicily, Rome, Venice, Barcelona, Amsterdam and London then back to America. I feel so incredibly blessed to have had this experience in Ireland and to continue my travels around Europe. Although my time in Europe is not over yet my time in Dublin is coming to an end very quickly. I am sad to leave this place that I have called home for the past four month but am ready to see what the rest of my travels have to offer. This is only the beginning for me, studying abroad has made me realize how important it is to travel and see other places and things. So this is not good bye Dublin, it is just see ya later!


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