Protest on Dame

14 Apr

A friend and I woke up on Saturday morning and wanted to go to the Temple Bar Market. We haven’t experienced it yet and thought it was going to be a good way to spend the morning. Once was walked outside, in true Dublin fashion, it started raining. Surprise surprise. We decided that we weren’t going to let a little rain get us down and made our way to the city center. I didn’t know exactly where the market was but there was a road blocked off so we headed that way thinking the road was blocked off for the market. We made our way up to Dame street and that is really when we got surprised. To our right there were protesters standing in the middle of the street. There was about 50 to 60 people standing on that side. Right in front of us there was a huge truck with photographers standing in the back snapping pictures. Then to our left there were thousands of people marching towards the truck. We looked at each other and had no idea what was going on. We just wanted to find a simple market, and this was not it. We stood in the middle of wheat looked like the middle of what could have been a battle scene. Two sides marching towards each other and the only thing standing between them was a few Guada and a lousy truck. From what we got out of the signs that were being held, was the side to our right was protesting for a debit free Ireland. They want the Irish people to pay taxes to get Ireland out of their bank debit. The sides to the left, with many more supporters were protesting against that. They were in favor of not hiking up the taxes in order to get Ireland out of the debit. America has its fair share of getting out of debt as well, so I have an opinion on the topic. I don’t think that it is the job of the citizens to pay back the money that banks so foolishly gambled away. It isn’t fair that our hard earned wages are used for something that technically we didn’t do. Anyways, after a while of sitting in the middle of the chaos, we decided to go look for the market. We finally found the market and were so impressed with it. They had everything from crepes to sea food to Mexican food to delicious baked good. If you haven’t been to the Temple Bar Market, I highly recommend it. What we though was going to be a nice stroll to the market turned into something neither of us expected.


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