Hope Sinks for Dublin’s Homeless

12 Apr

I become a little more heartbroken on my walk to school everyday when I see a homeless person sitting on the cold street and enduring all that the weather throws at them. However, it is comforting to know that Dublin does provide several services to the homeless, such as temporary and permanent accommodations, confidence building workshops to women, and other basic services. Even though these services do help those who have lost their home or are struggling financially, the HSE, or Health and Safety Executive, are cutting funding, increasing working hours, freezing pay, and cutting back on some homeless services.


Judith Crosbie, a writer for the Irish Times, says in her article, “Charities warn homeless will suffer if HSE cuts continue,” “The refuge run by the group in Dublin 15 already refuses four out of five women who seek help and further cuts could see even more women turned away” (Crosbie). Catherine Maher, interviewed by Crosbie comments on the HSE cuts as well, “This survey makes clear that homeless services are now at breaking point and if the HSE hits us again cuts will fall on direct services to the most vulnerable in our society” (Crosbie). There are also cuts already being made in regards to housing and refuges that provide housing for women and children who are victims of domestic violence. The refuge housing is under immense pressure because their residents are staying longer because it is becoming harder and harder to find, so the housing cannot take more people in. With Ireland’s current recession, there are fewer jobs available and more jobs being cut, which means more families are at risk of homelessness. But with the recession also cutting funding for homeless services and refuge housing, many Irish citizens are left in the middle with no way to get out.

Crosbie, Judith. “Charities warn homeless will suffer if HSE cuts continue.” Irishtimes.com. N.p.d 7 Apr. 2013. Web. 12 Apr. 2013.


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