Buying Local

30 Mar

Back home when I go grocery shopping I normally go to a one stop place and buy everything that I need. It’s normally a larger grocery store, like Publix, where I can buy my fruit, vegetables, meat, and other groceries all at one time. My town back in the U.S. does have a farmers market in the summer where I occasionally buy fruit and vegetables, but it normally costs twice as much as if I were to buy it from a bigger chain store. I hate not being able to support my local community more by buying more often from the farmers market but it’s just too expensive.

Our first day in Dublin, Karl pointed out the fresh produce, and the butcher that were just around the corner from Blackhall. He advised us to go to the smaller businesses because not only is it fresh but it’s often cheaper as well.  Of course we all quickly discovered Tesco, Aldi, and Lidl as well which I think most of us preferred Tesco at first because it was more similar to the grocery stores we had back home. After looking at the meat at Tesco though, I decided to check out the butchers. The chicken at the butcher looked much less questionable to that I had seen at the store, and as Karl had said it was cheaper. After having such success at the butcher I decided to go to the fruit and veg place as well. I thought the fruit and veg place was the most greatest thing after I stepped inside, all the produce looked good, it wasn’t badly priced, and all of the men that worked there were really friendly. Since visiting both places that day I have since gone back just about every week to get the majority of my groceries.Farmers-Market-foods

I still go to Aldi to get some of the other basics I need; but I most definitely prefer shopping in the local places to the overcrowded, check out craziness that I always experience at Aldi. Plus since becoming a frequent customer at the fruit and veg place, I enjoy the random conversation with the owners every week and they occasionally give me price cuts. It’s also nice knowing that the purchases I’m making at the local places are going directly to help out local, small, independent businesses. Getting to enjoy buying local so easily is definitely something I’m going to miss when I have to go back home to the states.


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