Discovering Malahide

29 Mar

Malahide is a beautiful, quaint town along the coast just north of Dublin. I had an immediate connection with this beach town upon my first visit. I originally went to Malahide to see one of Dublin’s greatest landmarks, the Malahide Castle. The castle and the 270-acre castle grounds date back to 1185, when the land was given to Richard Talbot. The 800-year-old castle has been a home to the Talbot family for most of its existence, with the exception of an 11-year period from 1649-1660 when Oliver Cromwell invaded and Miles Corbet took residence. In 1975, the Talbot’s sold the castle to the Irish State and it has since been an established visitor attraction for over 35 years. Luckily, I visited the Malahide Castle on a sunny day and was able to enjoy the beautiful botanical gardens. The grounds were flooded with adorable children going to the playground. My time at the castle was great, but the best part of my visit was being able to experience a town I would not have otherwise.


Malahide is filled with shops, cafes, restaurants and pubs that each have their own character and charm. The town has a chic, beach feel to it which reminds me so much of my hometown, Manhattan Beach. Like Malahide is a seaside village in Dublin, Manhattan Beach is a laid-back beach town in Los Angeles. Both act as a sort of escape in the midst of two bustling, metropolitan cities. During my short visit, I noticed that, similar to Manhattan Beach, residents of Malahide take great pride in their unique town. Boasting about their 2km beach, Malahide residents make sure to keep it as clean as possible. The town has won several Irish Tidy Towns Awards.


The charming coastal town is a beautiful place to visit. Malahide truly has something for everyone. It is loaded with historic landmarks, extensive golf courses, adorable boutiques, and of course the lovely beach. My favorite part of the town was its close resemblance to Manhattan Beach. Now I have a place to go whenever I’m feeling a bit homesick!


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