A Bunch of Blarney

21 Dec

One of the last things on my Ireland bucket list for the semester was to be able to say that I kissed the Blarney Stone. Feeling like I was about to fall through the crack that I was bending over backwards, I felt the rain start just as I kissed the cold smooth surface of the infamous stone. It is a moment I will never forget. Leading up to the Blarney Castle was some of the most amazing landscape I had seen in this beautiful country thus far. It made me wonder why this castle was so significant as I read the plaques leading up to the place where so many tourists have been to kiss the Blarney Stone.

Frances Sylvester Mahoney was one of the first people to promote the powers that are supposedly linked to kissing the stone. Mahoney said, “The stone this is, whoever kisses, he never misses to grow eloquent ‘tis he may clamber to a lady’s chamber, or be a member of Parliament”. This being said, kissing the stone is meant to bring good luck and the gift of eloquence. Although it may not believed by all, many tourists from all over the word have planted a kiss on the block of bluestone from 1446.

DSCN2751 DSCN2731 DSCN2770The stone is said to give one “the ability to deceive without offending” according to ancient myths from centuries ago. There is no one particular story that is necessarily true, but the Blarney Castle was one of my favorite spots. Although the rain began just as I was kissing the stone, I wouldn’t expect anything else while in Ireland. I am thankful for my new gift of eloquence from the Blarney Castle as I leave the country that has become my home.


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