Bloody Sunday

30 Nov


Our trip to Northern Ireland was very interesting and educational.  There was a lot of influential information given and I don’t think I will ever forget learning about it.  One of the major events I found shocking was Bloody Sunday, in fact not only was Bloody Sunday a theme we have been talking about in class, but our group just did a presentation on the film, therefore I had a familiar background on what the event was like.  But the fact that we were learning about the Bloody Sunday that occurred in the actual place we were standing was appalling to me.

The chaos of Bloody Sunday was not that long ago as it occurred on 30 January 1972 in Derry.  The politics and conflicts going on at that time made it a time of trouble for those living in this area.  Though the riots, gunshots and violence was an experience in itself, the event has lead to attempting to bring about justice, equality and freedom for all.

The Museum of Free Derry really struck me, especially when the man whose brother had been killed during the event began to speak. Walking around and observing the stories of people who endured the oppression and suffered during the struggle was fascinating.  It was there on those streets that we were walking around, that 14 unarmed were shot dead and 14 others were injured by the British army.One of the letters actually made me so angry.  The letter was filled with disrespectful words and was from a Soldier sent to the family of a boy that was killed. It actually was a struggle for me to finish reading the letter, that’s how distraught it was.  That experience was really beneficial and gave me chills.  The legacy and memories of those who lost their lives and the people affected still live on.  The trip meant a lot to me and I am so glad I had the opportunity to experience and learn about the history of Northern Ireland.



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