The Guinness Enterprise Center

29 Nov

During my time in Dublin, I am working at Dublin Community Television, which is based in the Guinness Enterprise Center (GEC). Unbeknownst to me until a few weeks ago, the GEC is more than just an office building, it’s “a hub of entrepreneurial enterprises and business and investment support services.” The GEC recently hosted a showcase event as part of Innovation Dublin, where we had the opportunity to talk to a few board members of the GEC, David Varian and Sandra Reynolds, and hear their mission and vision for the center.

The Guinness Enterprise Center has been around for 10 or so years now, and aims to help start up companies in early stages of development get their feet off the ground. They do this by providing a location they can operate out of, putting support around them through providing access to people who can help develop business plans and concepts, and creating a community so business at the GEC can help each other.

The building has space for 70+ businesses, and also includes meeting rooms and a cafe. So far, 265 businesses have graduated through the Guinness Enterprise Center. According to David Varian, the concept of the center is that when a company is successful they move. The GEC doesn’t hold on to the successful companies; they help them get their start, and when they’re mature and successful they move on to make space for other new companies coming through.

Also present at the event were representatives from one of the GEC’s main partners, the Dublin Business Innovation Center. The DBIC provides support to companies in terms of shaping ideas, business planning advice, and helping get clients investor ready. This range of supports helps identify high growth companies and gets them to market as soon as they can.

At the Guinness Enterprise Center, entrepreneurs have access to services through the DBIC such as project evaluation, study assistance, business plan guidance and preparation, international partnerships, business counseling, and access to finances.



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