Croke Park

31 Oct

On Friday, some kids from our Irish Life and Culture class went to Croke Park. Croke Park has been Ireland’s main stadium that supports Irish sports, and it is located right here in Dublin. Just outside the city centre. The stadium is the home of Gaelic games, and is also the main headquarters for the GAA: Gaelic Athletic Association. The stadium holds over 60 games a year, with games mostly being played on Sundays, and some Saturday games. The two biggest Gaelic sports are: Gaelic football and hurling. The stadium holds over eighty thousand people, making it one of the biggest stadiums in all of Europe. Everyone gets really into, and the GAA has a huge impact on Irish life and culture. It brings everyone together to enjoy these sporting games, with good competition and every county competing to be the best.

The biggest event that happened in Croke Park, I believe, was Bloody Sunday. During a Gaelic football match the Royal Irish Constabulary invaded Croke Park in November of 1920.They were supported by the British Auxiliary Division, and started opening fire around the stadium.  There were four-teen deaths including the captain of Tipperary’s team Michael Hogan. The fact that something like this could happen at a sporting event out of nowhere is ridiculous. Innocent lives were taken because the Irish were fighting for what they wanted: independence, and there was nothing they could do to really protect themselves. It made a huge impact for the Irish’s Independence.

Croke Park today still affects Ireland a lot. The Irish have never been more proud of their Country, especially in supporting sports. It has brought this country together in unity even if they are competing for the championship.


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