County Wicklow

31 Oct

Kate Rabatsky

A couple of weeks ago, I took a bus tour to a bus tour to County Wicklow. I really had no idea what to expect because I just decided to go last minute with some of my friends. We took a very long bus ride through the mountains and hills. The bus stopped in the middle of Wicklow National Park because there was a very famous film that was filmed at a little bridge by the road. The movie is called P.S. I Love You and they filmed this bridge during the scene when the two main characters met for the first time. It was very cool to see.

We hopped back on the bus and did our final stop in Glendalough. It was interesting to find out that the name of this place meant “glen of two lakes” because there are two massive lakes that are just beautiful. We learned a lot about the history of this area. A group of monks founded a monastery in this area in the 5th century. The most famous of the monks that founded the monastery was a man named Kevin, who soon attracted many followers.

One of the most famous structures in the Glendalough is the Round Tower. It is 33 meters tall, with one window per floor and 4 windows on the top floor in the compass points. Monks in St. Kevin’s monastery built the tower originally as a bell tower. But sometimes the tower was used as protection in times of attack. The tower’s main door was constructed to be about 3 meters above the ground so that when the ladder was removed, intruders wouldn’t be able to get in.

I never really knew much about the monks of Glendalough but I had seen many places called Kevin’s Kitchen before and never really understood what it meant until now.


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