What a wonderful culture night!

27 Sep

I went to the biggest event in this September- Dublin’s culture night last Friday night. Before I went there, I checked the website out and was impressed by the number of events. The number of events is so large that it seems like Dubliners are celebrating their culture for thousands of millions of years.

At first, I went to the book of kells in Trinity College. Thousands of People are all lining up for seeing the world’s famous library (also they cue because for the free 10 euros). Stone buildings and architecture styles are my favorite because each stone has its shape and it tells a different story of how it becomes like that during these long time. Moreover, carrying stones is such a heavy work that it needs tons of money to hire people or even berau forced slaves to vary them. Stones standing there and telling their stories quietly. I lined up for a couple of minutes and I do not want to waste this precious time on cueing and not visiting other activities. And then, I went to the science gallery. They are showing different kinds of brand new technology and materials. Later on, I went to look for the filmbase and Irish film institution in temple bar area that posted on the website and I have heavy interests on. I found it Irish film institution was saleing its tickets smartly because all people are coming out to participate various kinds of workshops ad activities, especially families. Families and couples more intend to watch films because they are not walking around and they need to spend time with each other. Therefore, it is a successful film tickets saling way. I spent more than one hour to watch a whole round of short films in filmbase because I enjoyed so much of it. There is a interesting story I will never forget is that a man picks up a TV during the seaside and he found there is a beautiful callianassidae. He doesn’t sleep or eat in order to watch every movement of her. As the time goes by, he falls in love with her and he finds that the TV is leaking and callianassidae cannot live without a water environment. He decides to put the TV back and live with her in the sea. When he is dying in the deep of the sea, he thinks he dying for not have oxygen. At the same time he touches her hand and he finds an old lady is watching at him and looks like picking a TV up. I had an amazing night and amazing night view of Dublin.


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