A Trip to the National Museum of Archeology

26 Sep

The trip to the National Museum of Ireland-Archeology was very interesting.  I found out a lot of information relating to the history of Ireland.  Before coming abroad, I did not know much about Irelands past, especially about the objects and relics that were brought to my attention.  The moment I walked into the museum, I noticed the tall ceiling that had a unique, beautiful pattern.  As I began walking around, I couldn’t help but go straight to the gold exhibit, where I saw the ear-spools and bracelets, which seem to fascinate me.  By the looks of the jewelry, I could only imagine how heavy these objects were and what it would be like to have the weight of them on ones body.  I learned that in Ireland there are three different types of ear-spools that can be identified from the past.  Also on the first floor, there was a case displayed with pottery vessel containing cremated bones of a women and child.  I found it appealing that when reading about this, the practice of placing the cremated remains in pottery vessels still appears to have continued.

Making my way up to the second level, and walking around that floor was when I realized what had interested me the most.  Though I looked at the displays on the church, the iron bell, the tools and ceramics, as well as the Viking burial, the display that showed much significance to me was the Dublin Viking Age House.  It was cool to see what conditions the Vikings lived in, meaning their shelter.  The house seemed to be low walled and rectangular shaped.  There wasn’t much furnisher for example; the description did say that there is no evidence of tables.  The Viking age house was well presented at the museum and definitely was something that caught my eye!

Many of the artifacts at the museum taught me a lot about Irelands historical past which I did not know of.  The National Museum of Archeology was actually the first museum I have been to since my arrival in Ireland and I can’t wait to see and learn about everything else over the next few months.

Dublin Viking Age House



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